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See Europe on a Budget – Busabout Europe

There are many wonderful ways to see Europe on a budget. There is an array of cruises that will allow the traveler to visit the coastal cities of the Mediterranean, or summer cruises for the Baltic Sea. River Cruises, with their emphasis on wineries, are becoming more popular. But if you are looking for a trip to European on a budget that is more land-based, will provide more travel options than the typical group tours, and allow you more control over your travel budget, Busabout Europe should be considered.

So how does Busabout work? Running from May through October, it operates in multiple large clockwise loops around the network. Busabout is a “hop-on hop-off” style coach travel network throughout Europe that is specifically designed for backpackers and independent travelers, mostly of college age and slightly older. There is certainly no upper age limit, as long as the vacationer has the spirit of traveling independently. Their oldest passenger last year was 84, and was said to have had a great time. It offers the ability to travel Europe at your own pace. You simply purchase a travel pass that allows you to travel different regions on the network – their shortest duration ticket is the 6-Stop Flexitrip Pass which is valid for 6 journeys anywhere on the Busabout coach network.

Accommodations. They help arrange accommodation for the travelers along the way, which makes it a simple inexpensive way to travel Europe. The lodgings that Busabout uses are usually centrally located budget hotels and hostels. The usual accommodation is generally a dorm multi-share at a price of €15 to €25 per person, per night. Amenities fluctuate, but you shouldn’t count on bathroom facilities in each room. Most places will have a secure locker for each individual in each room so your belongings will be safe. They hand-pick what they feel are the safest, cleanest, most centrally located and best value accommodation options in each location.

Cost savings. This is a much cheaper means of travel than if you were to buy point-to-point rail tickets between cities. You can have great savings if you hold an ISIC, ISE or ITIC card on most of our tours, as well as take advantage of early-bird savings. Lodging accommodations are clean and safe, but designed to save the traveler money.

Bottom line. This method of seeing Europe is not for the person on a strict time schedule or will not stay anywhere less than four-star accommodations. But for the person who has a sense of adventure and who wants to see Europe on a budget, this is an excellent option. Each bus has a travel guide who gives loads of practical information about each city, and will assist with travel and accommodation reservations you may have. Buses drop you in the evening and commence the trip in the morning from your hotel location, so no guesswork is involved. Finally, you have the option of mingling with fellow travelers, or having some quiet time to read or contemplate, if you choose. You will get to plan your trip to get the most out of Europe, while limiting the cost so you can do it again next year.